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Best Affiliate Marketing Software

by Igor Shevkopyas

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Post Affiliate Pro vs. iDevAffiliate

Choosing an in-house solution for your affiliate marketing software gives you control to manage your affiliate marketing program the way you want. You own the software, so there is no third party branding, no “middle man” fee, and you have direct contact with your affiliates to offer incentives and to gather feedback.

Once you have made the decision to forego free or open source software and have decided to pay for a trusted, secure affiliate tracking solution, you then need to decide which is the best affiliate marketing software for your site.

The two most popular affiliate marketing software solutions are iDevAffiliate and Post Affiliate Pro. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately both will meet your basic requirements for tracking your affiliate marketing program.

If you look at affiliate marketing software reviews, you will likely find that iDevAffiliate is the simpler solution. Post Affiliate Pro is more advanced and has more features. Post Affiliate Pro is also more SEO friendly.


  • Simple to setup and use
  • Not SEO-friendly
  • Two tier commissions

There are a few different price plans for iDevAffiliate from $99 for the Standard edition to $299 for the Platinum edition, which includes SEO links. They also offer a Black Tie service for $599 and for that, they will set up and configure everything for you.

Additional add-on modules and plugins, such as language packs and Quickbooks exports, are an extra expense.

The same team that developed the software when it first launched in 1999 provides technical support for iDevAffiliate.

If you are not adept at programming, iDevAffiliate is a good solution for the average marketer with many features and add-ons for your affiliate marketing program. Its simplicity and ease of use will allow you and your affiliates to get set up quickly.

Best Affiliate Marketing Software

Post Affiliate Pro

  • Track affiliate sales on all your websites
  • Multiple languages for both merchant and affiliate interfaces
  • Unlimited number of tiers
  • Customizable affiliate interface to match your corporate website design
  • Truly SEO friendly links even in the cheapest version

Post Affiliate Pro packages start at $199 for their Xpress package and go up to $1899 for their Post Affiliate Network solution installed on your server. They also offer hosted versions starting from $19 per month.

You can activate many plugins at no extra charge, and you can write your own plugins in PHP to extend functionality of the server part of Post Affiliate Pro.

Post Affiliate Pro uses anchor links so you get a direct link from your affiliate websites to yours for improved SEO.

With Post Affiliate Pro, your affiliates can also use discount coupons for offline marketing.

Another advanced feature in Post Affiliate Pro is split commissions. This is a fair option for affiliates when customers are searching for your product. The customer may visit multiple affiliate sites before making a buying decision. With split commissions, each affiliate will receive a share of the commissions.

Post Affiliate Pro is a feature-rich solution with many features and plugins that is customizable to meet all your affiliate marketing needs.

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